About Us

Reminisce with Kathy

Established 1978

Reminisce with Kathy started in 1978 and has been liquidating estates and antiques in Fairfield County since its inception. We are a mother and son team who, along with our team of specialists streamline the estate liquidation process in the a very efficient and lucrative manner. Kathy and Matthew accent each other in a special fashion that brings together an older generation with a younger generation. They complement each other well with each bringing strong skills and ability into the equation to allow the final production to be a success. The two are passionate about the business and have found what they truly love to do.

Kathy has over 38 years of experience in the antique industry and has been in the estate liquidation arena for the last 32. She is an appraiser and was the proprietor of antique stores and shops in seven different locations throughout the years. Kathy has been around antiques for most of her life and has developed a special set of skills that she uses on a daily basis to conduct business.  She has a true love for what she does and the reputation in the business that she has developed. After all of these years, Kathy is super knowledgeable about almost every aspect of the business.

Matthew has been around antiques and the antique arena for his whole life and has co-owned an antique shop in Fairfield, CT. He has been involved in many areas of estate liquidation since a very young age.  After spending 14 years in the financial industry Matthew decided to bring his business skill to a new venture. He always wanted to own his own business and when he was presented the opportunity to team up with his mother in 2008 he gladly accepted. Matt has a passion for the collectibles markets and Mid-Century Modern Pieces. He brings a lot to the table and is able to take care of all of the technology as well as social media areas of the business.

We also have a wonderful team of colleagues that have been working along our side for many years. Each and every one is important to us and also brings a special something to every sale. They are all happy to help in any way so please say hello and ask them anything. Sales specialists to look out for include Sue, Donna, Linda, Joanne, Charlene, Rita, Sally, Paul, Brian, Sam and others.