Correctly liquidating any size estate truly is a production from beginning to end. It is a very demanding process and there are many important aspects to be considered.  Once you contact us with your needs we will set an appointment for a free consultation and evaluation. We will meet with you and any family members who have an interest in the process to answer any questions. We are a compassionate team and we know that every situation is unique. We have encountered many different situations and we will meet any special circumstances and identify any areas where special attention is necessary.

 Once we have agreed to any terms we will set a date to have an estate sale. We are now partners in this endeavor and our process will now begin. We will notify all of our team and any of our specialists that we feel will be needed in order for Reminisce with Kathy to maximize the profits for your situation.  We will also set up a start date where the process of staging and set up will begin. To maximize profits, this process may take two weeks. Things may be moved around to maximize exposure and every item will be organized, sorted, staged, cleaned and priced.

Attracting buyers is a very important process we use many types of marketing and advertising to drive people to our sales. Many hours have been spent developing the perfect listing for your sale that is precise, clear and that describes the contents accurately. We are now partners with you in this endeavor and are goal is to maximize the return on your valuables.

Exclusive customer email list: Each and every person on our list has personally subscribed and asked to be emailed prior to the sale. With more than 38 years of experience and a reputation built on honesty, integrity and ability we have developed a following that is truly amazing.

Social Media: Every sale is advertised in multiple social networking outlets.  We have the ability to promote your sale on up to 34 estate sale sub-sites.  

Internet marketing and advertising: Your sale will be promoted on our website, several estate sale networking websites, estate sale location sites and classified sites.

Newspaper advertising: All of the newspapers we use offer an online version of the advertisement as well as the printed version. The correct area newspapers are carefully selected to maximize exposure. We also use other weekly printed newspapers which are directed toward the antiques and collectibles markets.

Professional street signs: The intersections our signs are placed at are carefully selected to maximize exposure. Our signs are professional, bright and vibrant which also allows for name recognition.

Our Services

The Sales Process

Reminisce with Kathy offers full and partial estate liquidation, estate sales, private sales, auction services for specialty items and appraisals. We have extensive experience with American and European antiques, modern furniture, Americana, primitives, art, silver, collectibles, estate, vintage and costume jewelry. Our team is astute to the market trends and collectible trends that are constantly changing. We have many years of experience maximizing returns on vintage items including sterling, military, toys, coins, designer items, sports cards, ephemera, knives, watches, clocks, Native American, historical items, vintage holiday and so much more. We offer precious metal testing to verify any items showing signs of being a sought after metal and its true content.

There is seldom an item we as a team have not encountered and if that is the case it will be thoroughly researched in multiple places for the current value. We offer liquidation of every item in the home with fair market values being obtained for household items as well. We research, price and sell cars, lighting, clothing, china, carpets, books, linens, bedding, tools and any other items which we may encounter in your home.

We provide every item that is necessary to allow the process to run a smooth as possible. After so many years of running successful sales we know what items are needed to accomplish the task. We provide all tables, linens, staging, display shelving, clothes racks, jewelry cases, jewelry displays, lighting, etc. Other things that will be needed for a smooth set up will also be provided, including all supplies, Ziploc bags, pricing labels, hanging string tags etc. For the actual production days we provide all necessary items including receipt books, wrapping paper and checkout bags.

On the production days your home is secured and will be managed by our staff of people that have been working along our side for many years. Every area will be staffed with a professional and based on the size of the home the number of people allowed to peruse will be limited. We have security at the point of entry whose sole responsibility is to watch that door, manage numbers and account for each person allowed in. On production days only one door for entry and exit is used; after check-out each person will exit through the same door they entered. Safety of the public is important to us, prior to the production days any areas of concern or obstacles will be addressed and a solution will be attained to remedy those issues.

Reminisce with Kathy

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